Choosing a Shisha Hookah for your Lifestyle

Do you love smoking? How about using a different technique of smoking. A less harmful method than smoking cigarettes and cigar. Shisha Hookah is a new experience for smokers. Even physicians believe It is a little safer method than the other two forms of smoking.

Shisha Hookah are very popular in Thailand, China, and other East Asian regions. In Thailand, Smoking Water Pipes called Bong. People from Africa also like to smoke through Smoking Water Pipes.

Shisha Hookah consist of three parts. A water tube, a container to hold tobacco/herb and, a drawtube. The smoker lits tobacco with a wick.

In ancient times Smoking Water Pipes were very simple; made at home with simple parts. When they start selling on a commercial basis; a lot of creative arts use to attract customers. Now they are available in the most eye-catching designs.

Shisha Hookah are portable and very light in weight. Three main points should consider before buying a Smoking Water Pipe.


Bong has the smallest pipe length of 3″. The largest goes up to 18″. It depends on you that how much storing space you have and what size you want.

Style and Shape

There are two types of Bong available in the market. One with the fixed stem and another with the down stem. The choice is yours.


Water pipes construct with durable borosilicate glass. Low-quality glass brings the price down but has many scratches and air bubbles on it.


There are many price ranges available that may match your budget. Keep in mind that lower the price lower the quality of the water pipe. They may scratch fast.

On our website, you will find a variety of water pipes with attractive designs. The price ranges from $100 and up. If you need any help; our customer service will help you to find water pipes into your budget.

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