How to use Shisha Hookah?

A Shisha Hookah is a worldwide use device. Nargila is a synonym for a smoking water pipe.

In history, the Shisha Hookah was used by human species.

Consist of different parts like head on the top of the object, body part, and a hose used for smoke extraction.

The advantage, of Shisha Hookah, is that smoking can last longer than the conventional way of consumption.

A small bowl that is a part of the smoking water pipe is used to hold material for smoking.

When we light up material and put our mouths on the hose and draw the smoke, water on the bottom of the Shisha Hookah starts bubbling, as long we inhale. The smoke passes across the water before we can inhale it. It is the part that attracts most of the people.

A Shisha Hookah is the best way to get amused if you practice this activity.

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